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Handwriting Analyzed


I had my handwriting analyzed a few years ago. Here is what they reported...




Poise and self-respect are evident in your handwriting. You comport yourself with balance, freedom from affectation, and with good composure.

There is evidence in your handwriting of acute sensitivity to destructive criticism. Fear of criticism can operate as a goad (or a drive) to the perfection of skill and/or techniques, or it may be a

self-imposed limit to productivity. The capacity to recognize sensitivity to criticism may prove an asset to you. You may learn to evaluate more fairly and with less pain, both positive and negative reviews of your endeavors. There is a strong likelihood that you profoundly care about what people think and say about you. The question you may often ask of yourself is: "Why do I care what others think?" The answer may help clarify matters.

There are signs in your handwriting of steadfastness in your allegiance to ideals and to persons and institutions you believe in. It is wise for you to periodically re-examine your allegiances to be sure you are not blinded or misled by binding memories of a status quo that may no longer be real.

You take the long way around an action rather than a direct approach. This hesitation allows you to avoid dealing, for a while, with a particular situation. These wind-ups can also hamper your productivity. It is often important to be concise and to the point. When you can, cut to the chase.

You show a tendency toward secretiveness. You have the capacity to keep confidential information to yourself. This means you may be a trusted confidant.



You have good resiliency and the ability to bounce right back. Problems and pressures will not have a long-lasting effect on your personality. You can live for the moment and are perceived by many as easygoing. You can operate effectively in situations that may drive others up the wall.



The rounded arch formation of your m's and n's indicates your methodical, logical thinking. You build fact upon fact and then draw your conclusions. You ought not to be rushed in the process. You may have difficulty dealing with deadlines, especially where you do not have enough time to follow your natural inclination to research and test every aspect of a situation.

The wedge formations in your m's and n's are a strong indication of your investigative thinking process. You enjoy searching for answers and are resourceful in gathering your own information. In handwriting, the larger wedge formations show a proportionately greater capacity to explore and investigate a situation. This ability will help you get to the root of a problem and make decisions based on your uncovered facts.



The pronounced lower loops in your writing indicate a vivid, active imagination. You have the ability to come up with original, innovative ideas. You are probably happiest when you can work in a creative way, and you will likely achieve rather spectacular results if you can deal with the practical side of bringing your ideas up to actuality. If you are not adept at the dirty details of creative ideas, you may succeed better by forging a bond with people who excel at such matters.

Your upper loops indicate your concern and interest in spiritual values. There are indications that your mind can work with intangibles, theories, and abstract concepts which are not merely of the senses. Your ability to abstract may put you on a level where only a select few can fully comprehend your ideas.



The placement of the t bars in your writing indicates your goals are easily reachable, considering your levels of energy and capacity. They are set in an area of practicality and well within your realm of achievement, without much stretching. You enjoy the ability to deal with the world on a practical level.

To maintain adequate motivation to follow through may be difficult for you because you do not feel entirely obligated to reach the goals you set. (Goals are dreams with a deadline.) If you lack profound purpose, it's better to build up your staying power by working on achievable, shorter-term goals before taking on longer ones.



You tend to become confused or scattered if you are faced with too many projects at one time. You can handle varied or diversified tasks, but for maximum efficiency, you should take on one at a time. Make a list of each day's tasks and organize your day into a sequence of attainable goals. Confusion is often the result of having too many irons in the fire. Your ideas are so diverse it may be challenging to focus your thoughts on one subject at a time. As a result, important and timely tasks may be postponed or neglected.

You are an organized person. You can plan a course of action, arrange the details in order of importance and pull the necessary materials together to perform the tasks. Your sense of organization makes it easier for you to ask others for help when you need it and to see a project through to the end.

The tie strokes that appear in some of your letters show your tendency to persist in most situations. When you set a goal for yourself or take on a task to accomplish, you follow it through to conclusion. To achieve your goals, you tend to rely on systematic planning and a coordinated effort.

Your handwriting sample shows strong evidence of personal initiative. This aspect of your personality gives you the ability to self-initiate new ideas and actions. You can take decisive steps without others to prod you. This trait helps achieve goals.

You take pride in yourself and your abilities. You want others to hold you in high esteem. The trait of pride is sometimes an asset and helps you set a high standard of conduct for yourself both personally and at work.

Change and variety work well for you. You are happiest when your daily routine is filled with multiple tasks or events. In order to avoid becoming scattered, take one project at a time and finish it. An ordinary routine can quickly fatigue and bore you. In any work situation, your tasks ought to be as dissimilar as possible. You enjoy travel for the change it brings to your life, as well as the new people you meet along the way.

The placement of 'i' dots indicates you can work reasonably well with details without significant impatience or irritability. This trait contributes to your durable memory.

Your handwriting indicates strong personal determination. This trait is revealed in the below-the-baseline straight strokes of your y's, g's, or j's. You are resolute, with a firmness of purpose in your actions. You have the capacity to see a project through in spite of obstacles. You believe in the nose-to-the-grindstone way of getting things done. This trait reflects your deep inner motivation.

You are receptive to new ideas and broad-minded in your view of humanity, some of which a less open person may find distasteful. This trait will help you think in positive ways because it can free you from traditional constraints. Bigotry and egotism are not a part of your character, and most people will see you as an interesting companion and a sympathetic friend.

You have the ability to reach clear-cut decisions. Your opinions are expressed with assurance. Therefore you can face finality without trepidation because you have a good understanding of the matter at hand. This trait is a prime requisite for leadership.

You have the ability to express yourself well in prose and poetry. There may also be forms in your handwriting called Greek e's (like a backward 3) and delta d's (the stem curves to the left). These indicate a predilection for literature and the classics.



Your emotional type, as indicated by the slant of letters in your handwriting sample is what experts call a "supratype." This means you are a friendly person considered by others to have an outgoing personality. As a result, you can create a comfortable environment for those around you. You are responsive and sympathetic to emotional situations and maintain a good sense of emotional and intellectual balance.