What kind of impact do we have on others' lives? Is our impact seeded with Holy? Do we stand apart from the world to be the hands and feet of Jesus?  As I sat quietly in the balcony seating of First Baptist Plainview, waiting for the most amazing worship experience remembering Wayland baseball coach, Tommy McMillan, I saw this picture. 




We were not "hang out" good friends with the McMillans, but Clinton and Tommy sure could talk baseball. We have known the McMillan family for most of our lives, and the legacy of the McMillan family is one of living their ministry song with a deep and abiding faith. 

As I looked at these young people, I praised God that they came to Wayland and had strong coaches of faith, Tommy being one of them. He made an impact on every life that God placed into his. This is what I will remember; his Holy and humble walk with Jesus here.

Rest your arm, Coach. Your passion has been exemplary.