4 + 1

First Nature


Amen, Amen, Amen

           Lord Bless You

           Keep You

           His Face Shine Upon You

           Be Gracious

           Generation To Generation

           Turn His Face To You

           Give You Peace

           He Is With you



           For You



Do you know how many stars there are? It is said that there are over 300 billion in our galaxy alone, and God named every star! How much more important we are, He calls us HIS children. Therefore, he deserves to be highly exalted!

God loves us, fills us, and expects us to pour out service to a troubled world. Whoever God places in our path is a little piece of God's vast creation that we are to recognize as worthy of our time. How/what we will pour into and unto others should be sacrificial service. We must actively listen to the Holy Spirit with every beat and grace breath that God provides us.

We do things because the Lord calls on us as Believers. Whatever the call, it must bring us into ministry song. Some are called for this and some for that, but we are all called.

In the story found in Luke 10:38-42, the Mary, Martha & Jesus story, Martha and Mary are both called into the presence of Jesus. Remember, we each play a different role in the story. Martha was distracted by the evil one instead of staying focused on what she was called to do. Both are important in teaching; both love Jesus. We must serve as we are called, and the love that is infused will be good. When we find ourselves serving with self, we lose the Great Foundation of our service structure. Is our purpose right? Maybe we are the growing plant or maybe we are the board or even the shadow, all are a part of the picture.




Anyone can be called to follow Christ. Anyone can serve but to serve as Christ is to allow the Holy Spirit to take the lead without hesitation room for self to enter in. Be a 'First Nature' follower where without hesitation we see other's needs as more important than our own.