No Matter



I'm not sure why I write here each day. I'm guessing it has to do with the habitual nature of Asperger's. I sometimes think that our great-grandchildren will come across a blog in their genealogy search that will help them understand who they are connected to, but I can't know this for sure. So there are days when I ponder the thought of not writing either one of the daily blogs; Exploring Plainview and In His Hands. A few might miss them, but the majority would go on with their day just like I would. But it is the few that matter. The one that might need anything, I might say. The ones that God brings to the page. That one is the most important. I love how God works, weaves our lives. If by chance, you read this, I may never know it, but what I do know is that I desire to have time for you. You are important. Regardless of the worry of the world, there is calm in the arms of Jesus.

Be the one serving the One.

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