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Met Up


Clinton and I met up with our high school friend (my college roomie, I remember, yay, and wedding attendant!!!), Becky Leach, for lunch today. She has moved back to Lubbock, and it was good to catch up. Love her bunches!!!






In my reading about Asperger's, I have learned that females are typically harder to diagnose because...

  1. Masking; they enter a social situation where friends, business associates, crowds and instantly become socially anxious, trying to mute their inner chaos. They try and make the best of a bad situation. On the outside, they seem fine. On the inside, they are using their entire day's energy resource. Masking.
  2. They are often misdiagnosed depending on their masking skill set.
  3. Hans Asperger thought that only males could be wired with Aspergers because he studied men on the spectrum, and males are not like females when it comes to masking. The diagnostician must use up-to-date resources when evaluating.


Three things you may not know about an Asperger-wired friend...

1.They use Senses More: People with Asperger’s syndrome use their senses slightly differently from neurotypical people. For example, you may find someone with Asperger’s syndrome who smells a smell before others do or smelling things to determine their feeling about an item smelled.
2.They tend to be anxious and short with responses: Because Asperger’s syndrome comes with anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder, there is an incidental tag-along of being anxious that causes people with Asperger's syndrome to become "short" when they are anxious.
3.Object Attachment: People with Asperger’s syndrome can develop an attachment to objects that may lead to not wanting to throw things away, even knowing that they’re broken or worn out.
I don't share much about my personal journey of being wired with Asperger's. Because of my late age of discovery, I am very good at masking.



Let's make it a better day, you and me! This brought tears to my eyes this morning. As I watched, I feel like we are failing our children. They are the future of the world. What kind of world are we leaving them? I don't know. I see so much good, love, and kindness in my days, yet when I hear others talk about current events taking place, I crumble humbly in prayer. Pray with me as we seek a world worthy of God's children. Love, love, love, all we need is the One who IS Love.


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Road Trip


In 2006 we took a road trip and visited several ballparks through We flew into Toronto, visited Detroit, New York, and several others via bus with a group. It was lots of fun. I can't believe this was 15 years ago.

Of course, I have many pictures from the trip, but these are three of my favorite.

New York Yankees



Clinton is following a game play-by-play.


We started at Niagra Falls, Canada. I got this close to the water. I was terrified. It was powerful!


We also visited the Baseball Hall of Fame, which was pretty cool and had lots of statistics! Clinton remembers the trip way better than I do!


Expectations ... Piece by Piece


If you are reading this, it is by God's design for your life. Not because of me but because there is a word here that God is delivering. We have a choice what we read, what we watch, and in everything; for the one who trusts, God will give us a word to learn and grow from in the arrival.

If you asked a group of kids how many have their dad living with them, I'm guessing the hands raised would be less than half. There are many homes where the dad is raising the children without their mother, as well. This is a societal hurdle, but it can be overcome. In many homes, single parents and dual parents, there is a high expectation for their children because of their upbringing. There are those homes where there were high expectations and there were those where there was no expectation for the parent(s). The parent searches for every opportunity for their children to reach their dream because they want their children to have more opportunities than they did; they expect their children to succeed, so they help them. Then, there are situations where there are no expectations for the children for a myriad of reasons. This will not do.

This is all of our responsibility to embrace those without direction. Thank God for teachers of all kinds! We all must begin to expect more from those who quietly fall through the cracks of life, without direction, education, hope.

How can we best do this? I desire your opinion. Most of us will say, share the love of Jesus, pray, give, and these are some of the best answers, but we need to really think about this and discover how each of us can become involved in helping raise the bar of expectations for every child.

Life may be a jumbled mess that appears too big to overcome, but we can, and we can help others, too! So, piece by piece, one day at a time, expect more!








(I do not own the rights to this video, music, or lyrics.)

This is such a powerful song about overcoming. Faith has a way.


Help me out here... your thoughts?




We may not be able to see it, but we know it is there. Fog settles over us, and then it lifts. The sunshine and the Sonshine of a new day. Faith.




Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. By faith, we understand that the universe was formed at God's command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. Hebrews 11:1-3

HRE aka Bo


This man showed me the meaning of the Philippians 4:13 scripture; I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength. He lived it.


012Hugh Robert Etter 1980e


Before I was born, he was an alcoholic. I only knew him sober. I never knew him with fingers, healthy lips, or legs. I knew him with the consequences of his illness, alcoholism. He lost his fingers, damaged his lips, and lost his legs in an alcoholism accident; frostbite. He was an overcomer, though, and I was blessed to see him live this throughout my life.

He and my grandmother are included in our 100th Anniversary Centennial Circle of Honor for their work in Plainview with alcoholics and their families. I have many in my life who have shared that he saved their marriage and their family. Yes, proud "Pete" (his nickname for me because I re-peated everything) moments for sure!

I remember his pain and watching him 'Monkey Blood,' his finger stumps sitting on a stool in their bathroom each evening. The first artificial legs that I remember had over-the-shoulder chest straps that buckled to the legs. I remember many, many years later when he got new legs, and they had a thick sock that he pushed his knee stump into and down into the leg, no straps. I remember the red, pain-filled, and often bleeding stumps from the strapped on legs, and I remember how his new legs helped his pain decrease immensely.

Most days, he wore his knee pads, as in the picture. This way of walking seemed the fastest, but still, there was pain. HRE, aka Bo, taught me a lot about life.

This photo is from 1980ish. We had been married five years, Aaron was three, and Chrissa was a newborn. That's a High Plains Concrete cap he is holding.

I love me some "Bo," and this is the man our Bo-girl was named after.



Do you ever wonder when the last will be first? Has your life been filled with things that don't seem fair? Many go through life, and it seems they win, win, win, while others don't. Some never win a "life lottery" at all. Not all choices are created equal. Many are poor. We can be deficient in a myriad of different ways, including financially and spiritually. Some of the poorest financially have the most profound faith. Yet, millions go through life with no Hope.

We sometimes think that poverty is only being hungry, naked, and homeless. However, the poverty of being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty. ― Mother Teresa

As Americans, we have so much "stuff" that we can hide our "poorness" behind it. But, following the Holy Spirit, alive within us, we must shed the "stuff" so we can sense the Spirit's directive. We should be able to sense the need of our fellow man before we ever see the need. That's what being sensitive to the Holy Spirit is about … that still small voice that helps us serve.

Poverty is multidimensional. The decay of poverty affects each one of us in one way or another.

Shame is with poverty. Hesiod 700 BC

You are so worthy of more. We must not let circumstances define us as we travel this journey. We have a loving Father who wants us to be overcomers; we must learn and grow.

Then the Evil one plants thoughts like, maybe I deserve this? The mind fills with thoughts like, I'm trapped, struggling, and others can't understand. What did I do?  

As helpers, we attempt to show others a better way to live and then struggle to understand when they can't think beyond their immediate need even to plan a future? They are living in the now moment; survival mode and escaping seem so far away. They juggle balls that, if one drops one, someone or something is sacrificed. What if they dropped them all? Meeting others where they are, poor circumstance, poor identity, forced-choice economy, the luxury to dream stripped away, in despair, and there we are, or, are we?.

Where we live, in order to get assistance, one must prove their human deficits. They must prove how poor, how needy, how broken, etc., which they internalize as human value.

The system is not helping them overcome their poverific issue; it enables them to wallow in a system they have no control over but desperately need as a part of their dimensional life change…but remember, they are juggling.

Many are people of faith. They trust but find no hope because they are often too focused on making the life puzzle pieces fit together. They are exhausted. They may forget to seek the One who will create the change they desire. Instead, they attempt to do it themselves. It is hard to step out in faith and trust the One who connects people for good and opens doors for us. But, we must.

To love others is relational inside or outside of our circles. We must allow the Holy Spirit to walk and talk with us. Be available.

To love our neighbor starts with humility.

Love outside the box!

Bloom child!!!



Green Velour


I loved this green velour sweatsuit. Way back in the day when our kids were young, Aaron was about 5, and Chrissa, 2. Clinton had his dark hair, and mine was still red. It was Christmas, and it looks like he got golf clubs. This was at his parent's house. You know it was in the 70s, early 80s because of the Harvest Gold refrigerator. Notice the color of the green Kleenex. It is fun to look back and remember how things were, how times have changed, and that our faith is still carrying us.