No Matter



This morning in a phone conversation with a man I really respect, he shared that some have said that I intimidate them. Here is the definition of intimidate...frighten or overawe (someone), especially to make them do what one wants. I once had a dear friend tell me that she did not want to do what I do. I get that. I love accomplishing things that better the community. I'm an organizer that enjoys bringing in new team members. My mantra is, "anything I can do, you can do better. You can do anything better than me." I love plugging people into where they want to serve. I am focused and often pushing through to get the task accomplished. Things do not have to be my way, but they need to get done. So, yes, I am sure that I come across as a strong force. The man also shared that he knows me and knows my heart. I think this is the answer to the equation, knowing me. In my Asperger's wiring, I process information totally different than most. I know the process and the people that are needed to complete the project at hand. God is instrumental in me stepping into a project because I prefer to stay home with the doors closed or be in the car shooting pictures. I love solitude. Asperger's is a social wiring situation that does hinder my ability to be the person others might think I need to be. God opens doors for me and allows me many wonderful relational opportunities as I work alongside Him in ministry. He is preparing me. He is growing me and molding me, and if you can stand me long enough to get to know me, you will know my heart. If not, that is okay, too. I apologize to those who feel intimidated by me or if I have hurt your feelings to where you would share these words with others. There is plenty of room in God's work for everyone. I know that I am blessed every day through so many that God puts in my path. I realize that I have opinions that most don't want to hear, but I also know that I do not have the power to make anyone do anything. We all have a choice. I chose joy and keeping my goals eternal. I'm running the race and every day is one that I value. Getting to experience the greatness of others makes me smile. So proud of so many!