Best Use



I got the Covid vaccine when it first came out to protect myself and others because I am out and about so much. I had some pretty strong side effects, especially with the 2nd shot. I do not get a yearly flu shot, but I have wanted to get the shingles vaccine, which is now two injections. I have a fear of getting shingles near my eyes, so I decided to get the first vaccine injection this week. The side effects shut me down last night and all day today. Now, I must get the 2nd shot between 2 and 6 months from this first one, and I admit I'm a bit nervous. At least we know my body is a fighting one!!! I feel like having taken both the Covid and Shingles vaccines that I'm surely protected from what goes around, right? Maybe when I'm 80, I'll get the pneumonia shot? LOL

With this said, I did not get much accomplished today. I did go out this evening and take a few photos. I bought this plant early in the season at Walmart. They were the size of a stepping stone square. I had no idea they would be so fun to watch bloom.






And, the hardy hibiscus is growing up to bloom again this season!



Does anyone want to try growing a Red Oak tree from baby? The squirrels must have loved this hiding place!