And They Think ...



A very small boat in a very big sea, abide with me God so I may know the path you guide my very small boat in a very big sea. Jesus, steer this boat even when the world turns it upside down, help me float, keep me on course so I know you are close. When the darkness of the night tries to pull me under, allow me peace and rest in the thunder. Trusting.

This piece is by one of my favorite artists, Chris Jeanguenat.




A Very Small Boat in a Very Big Sea
My boat so small.
It cannot be that any happy fate
Will me befall
Save as Thy goodness opens paths for me
Through the consuming vastness of the sea.
Thy winds, O God, so strong,
So slight my sail.
How could I curb and bit them on the long
And saltry trail,
Unless Thy love were mightier than the wrath
Of all the tempests that beset my path?
Thy world, O God, so fierce,
And I so frail.
Yet, though its arrows threaten oft to pierce
My fragile mail,
Cities of refuge rise where dangers cease,
Sweet silences abound, and all is peace.
- Winfred Ernest Garrison
In our small, God loves us all!