Weave It



I've been reading. Some things that I heard...

Our lives are written with purpose from a place; walk it out in prayer.

In every situation, we have a choice, a direction, we get to choose. We also have a choice to pray over every decision. Do we?

We can be in chains, but the clarity of purpose as a Believer will deliver a servant's heart.

We are seasoned with salt so that the savoring for the Savior is full of flavor.

One, and how the needs of the one outweigh the ninety-nine.

Evil doesn't care what pain you're in. God does.


Belonging comes before identity. Ownership births purpose. Someone speaks whose we are, and out of that, we become who we are. It's just the way the heart works. In Eden, we walked in the cool of the evening with a Father who, by the very nature of the conversations and time spent together, answered our heart's cry. It was the product of relationship. But out here, somewhere east or west of the Garden, beyond the shadow of fiery walls, we have trouble hearing what He's saying. And even when we do, we have trouble believing Him. So we wrestle and search. But regardless of where we search and how we try to answer the question or what we ingest, inject, or swallow to numb the nagging, only the Father gets to tell us who we are. Period. The Water Keeper by Charles Martin

I have learned in my nearly 66 years of life that it is not random. Everything has a purpose. Every person that crosses our path is there for a reason. Things happen to teach and grow us; good things and the bitter bad. The journey is hard, real hard, lots of days. God is faithful, though. There is the peace that only one who believes can know. There is joy found in serving others over self. Without hesitation, one who gives sacrificially has created a life pattern designed by a relationship with their mentor, Jesus Christ. This is the desire of my heart.

I want to serve humbly. I want to truly see the people God has for my day. I want to radiate His love in whatever way He leads.