I was visiting with Nicki while getting a pedicure. I love friends who make me think. I got to thinking about cultures and how I hear about and witness the culture of friends. I started thinking about my culture and if I even have one. Culture is the achievements of a particular nation, people, or social group.  Are culture and custom similar? A custom is a usage or practice common to many or habitual with an individual; a long-established practice considered as unwritten law or repeated practice.

Are ethnic group cultures simply habits formed that others see as unique to that group? For example, I think of my Vietnamese American friends , and all I learn from watching them and what they do is uniquely theirs. Do they look at me, a Northwestern European American, the same way? Do others see specific characteristics that would link me to my lineage?

I often feel that I have no culture that I carry. This could be good, or maybe it is bad, I don't know. I am a child of God, and this crosses all cultural lines. It is where I find my worthiness. Outside of my family, The Church, I simply wonder.

We all live under the same beautiful sky!!!