Cried a Little Bit


This morning I was blessed by our sweet friend, Pat Thompson's celebration of life. I know she was in heaven telling all those who met her there (including my dad & mom, Sears friends), "That's my daughter, Stephanie, she has loved me well, and look at how she brought everyone together to celebrate Jesus today." Stephanie, like her momma, only knows one way to do things, with excellence. Hope English shared her Pat Thompson memories, and I think the same thing about her eloquence with words, so blessed. 

The stories shared, the music, the video, all fitting for the Garms-Thompson "Queen." The time started with Pat singing with little boy Landon, Stephanie's son, in church. What a sweet picture of sharing God's love it was. I will admit, I cried a little bit or a lot as I watched the love. Our time together to honor this life well lived was joy-filled with laughter and love.


Pat thompson


What a perfect start to a beautifully blessed day. To be still and watch God at work refreshed my soul.

This is a picture of my father, John Dayton, that Pat took at Sears. Sweet memories!

John dayton early Sears