Really, you don't want to put it behind you. 

Really, where is kindness?

Really, you want to bring it up every time you talk to someone who will listen.

Really, there are two sides to every story; maybe you should listen.

Really, you are a pot-stirrer.

Really, you want people to dislike someone else.

Really, not gonna go there.

Really, life is short.

Really, you were forgiven a long time ago.

Really, I'm going to love you beyond the drama.

Really, I may have boundaries.

Really, God loves.

Really, Jesus saves.

Really, Jesus loves me (and you).

Really, I choose joy.

Really, I hope you will, too.

Really, let it go.

Really, do unto others as you want to be done to you.

Really, I can do all things.

Really, Christ DOES give me strength.

Really, it's all good.



Have you ever found yourself in a drama funnel? Don't let it pick you up. Seek protection in the Word. Pray. Let God do his work. We often react instead of being still and listening.

Really, it's okay to take time to listen to the Holy Spirit. This path always works out best, REALLY!!!