I Don't Know


I don't know what I have ever done to deserve the goodness God places in my days. I'm so awed by His greatness for little "wild child" me.

Today, a sweet woman I met in Leadership Plainview (EG) messaged me and told me she had me a sample of a coffee we had discussed and needed my address to bring it by. She let me know that she had dropped it off. When I went out to get it, this is what I found.




Then she said the most encouraging words to me in her FB message, "I love your spirit and how you are just you, no apologies... my kinda friend." You'll we need more EG's in the world. I need to be an EG. We need to take the time to encourage.

When someone does something for me like this, I see it as affirmation that I'm going to be okay, better than okay, because I'm a willing servant.

You all have a great weekend and do something nice for someone who would least expect it. Be an encourager!!!