Graduating Class



James 1:21-25

(my notes from the worship time with First Baptist Plainview intern Bryce Hughes)


In the earliest of churches, they listened. They learned through hearing. The Word of God was not available in its modern written form. They went to the temple to hear it read.

Our enemy is working against the team of Christianity.

To gain victory, we must hear.

In the earliest days, there was special revelation directly from God to a few select who were called to share the manuscripts of Holy words. The priests had ritualistic cleansing to enter the Holy of Holies.

Then the general revelation appeared through Jesus Christ that allows the veil to be removed for all who accept. Jesus cleans. We are washed white through the intercession power of Jesus Christ.

God speaks. When we listen, we hear. When we spend time with God, he reveals. When he reveals, we are prompted to action. Be ye doers of the Word. The word is alive...alive is action, moving forward.

Take care of those with needs or fulfill a need outside of self. Faith without works is dead. 

Imagine the peace of a flowing river. Ever slowly, one stone after another is thrown or placed, and soon, the river stills and becomes stagnant. We find ourselves there. How do we make it clean in the dirty stillness? You break free and let Him flow. Over us, in us, through us.


Create a strong foundation. Prepare for trials, stones thrown by the evil one. Through our preparedness, we are free to bless others.

Well done, good and faithful servant. Matthew 25

If you find yourself here, I love you.

In God's creation, even the weeds bloom perfectly. How much more beautiful you are!!!