I Don't Know



I sit here without a thought connection as to what I might write about. It has been a busy week and my brain has gone into disconnect mode. On a good day, I would have a really cool picture to share, but I did not make time today to take pictures. I did go out and take this one this evening because the sky was odd colored.

The sky was strange, a brown, orange, and white sky. The camera I typically use had a dead battery was dead so, this is all I got.




It's almost Mother's Day. I could write about that. On that note ... write a little mom-jingle and share it with me.

I can share this page from my great-great-grandmother, Ellen Wilson's journal...

Ellen's Diary p20 21


Wasn't my brother a cutie!!! I miss him. We were never close but we had a tight bond. I think we would have grown much closer now because we both would have had time to sit and share stories. One day.



I took this photo in 2013. I can't believe it has been eight years!



Well, that's all folks, as Porky pig used to say!