Happy Kid
Why, Oh Why?



The word diligent typically means to be serious about one's work and to be determined to complete the task. Many people go through life working in this way. Day in and day out, they go to a job to make money and dislike every moment of the day. I want to suggest that being diligent is also connected with one's emotions, good or bad. If our work is done in a way that shows it is highly favored through the Weaver of Life, then we can certainly be available to experience delight in it. Our "mundane" day can bring us joy. We can't separate our emotions from what we face each day. What we can do is choose how we approach our work. We really can find meaning and purpose in our job. It is a choice. In Proverbs 21:5, we read, "The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty." We need to slow down and let God show us what he wants us to see where we are. Let's be diligent in the task God has for us. When we think we are miserable, it may just be that our heart is simply not listening to the blessings waymaker!