Pencil Sketch

Movie Time


I am not a TV watcher. I do watch a movie from time to time through Amazon Prime or Hallmark. I have watched more movies in the past thirteen days than in the past two years, maybe three. It has been hard to sit so much. It has also pulled me away from the computer. I only watch G, PG, on occasion, a PG-13 depending on the storyline. So, I was looking for a movie, and Lenora Cuellar reminded me of the movie Turnover. I had forgotten to watch it and wanted to because Lenora, an associate producer of the movie, is a longtime friend.


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It reminded me of the message found in Luke 4:16-20 that Jacob West of First Baptist Plainview shared yesterday (link below).

Let me give you a small review of the movie. Let me start with the fact that it was not a high budget movie. We can all see $$-$$$$$$$$ play out in a movie. Don't let this distract you from the storyline. Let it take you along for the ride. It is about caring for one another, appreciating the oppressed, and the blessing given in the process. The characters are a hoot.  I saw myself in the movie. What character are you? The movie is 'Rated G.'


"The Last One Picked."