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New Life



I have shared how important it is for me to be in some pictures with friends. Mostly, I don't. I don't like to have my picture made, but I was so thankful that the Holy Spirit nudged me to ask someone to take a picture of a special friend and me a few years ago. Not long afterward, she moved to her Eternal home, and I was so thankful for our picture together. This got me thinking that I should work harder at including myself in these friends' pictures that I take. It is okay to ask someone to take a picture for me. Friends are important!!!

Today when I stopped by the Brew for a pick-me-up beverage, I saw these two sweet ladies, that I consider precious friends, having coffee. I thought, picture time. I asked someone to take our picture. Aren't they the cutest! Thank you, Janie DeLuna and Adelina Perales, for being such encouragers!