2020 Blessings 2021



It's 2021 and there will be changes. I'm all about them. I want to embrace them, just give me time to wrap my mind around them. 

We have lost some amazing people this year who have blessed so many. This kind of change is most difficult for us left here. I try to think of what I learned from them that is good, what God showed me, and love that I had the opportunity to experience their faithful gifts.

I was browsing pictures and one special lady's photo kept popping up. She did not pass this year, it has been several, but she changed lives through her love and joy!

Jo. If you knew Jo, you knew Lively! What a sweet friend that is welcoming newbies to Heaven, wearing a hat (now crown) for her faithful service. Today I have been in a reflective mood.  As I reflected, I thought about people that God has placed in my life through the years that are, and were, impactful. Jo Lively certainly was.

These two got the purple memo; Dr. Rick Shaw and Jo Lively. I loved that Jo was Jo, and she was not concerned about what people thought of her hat-wearing fashion statement. She loved, and once you knew her, you knew that she did! What a wisdom woman. Thank you for the blessings that she and Doug Lively shared with me.