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Adult Asperger's Syndrome


Adult Asperger's Syndrome, The Essential Guide, by Kenneth Roberson, Ph.D., is a simple, straightforward book to understand Asperger's Syndrome. It is a quick read and is chocked full of information.

Do these characteristics describe someone you know? Maybe they are undiagnosed; maybe they aren't ... To know changes everything and changes nothing.


  • not good at identifying emotions in ourselves and others
  • trouble understanding what goes on in other peoples minds
  • trouble inferring the intentions of others
  • can't always explain why 
  • peculiar communication; how we use language
  • talk at people not with
  • say things without regard to the emotional impact
  • difficulty reading body language
  • miss the point of conversation
  • flat and monotone, especially when tired
  • disjointed conversation
  • difficulty staying on topic
  • thinking out loud
  • detail-focused
  • communication is only necessary to share information
  • literal and concrete thinkers
  • black and white with little room for grey
  • vulnerable to unpredictability
  • orderly
  • repetitive routines
  • the more chaos, the more developed order
  • dislike for spontaneous conversation