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This Season of Thanksgiving that eases into the Season of ultimate Love is a very reflective time for me. I'm not sure if it is the cold of winter or the overstimulation of worldly expectations, but I turn inward and reflect.

Remembering early days and important people. God weaves.

Thinking about all of the years we spent at the Barnyard Academy with our friend and coach, Jeanie Pennell. She is having some health issues, so pray for healing. One thing I remember about the Barnyard Academy is the heater. It was instant warmth. Several students had melted wind suit pants from getting too close.




A sweet friend, Tiffany Barnes, gave her little Barnyard Academy t-shirt to me. How festive it looks today! Tiffany took at both downtown locations of the Barnyard Academy.



Pepper, Erica, Leah, and Chrissa before the Christmas parade; four of Jeanie's Genies.



One of my favorite pictures of Pepper & Chrissa sharing the love at a twirling competition.



We celebrated Jeanie's 50th birthday at Notre Dame University at America's Youth on Parade competition in South Bend, Indiana. Jeanie's best friend and fellow coach, Vicki Ray enjoying the moment.


Joanna, Cerissa, Heather, Chrissa, Leah, Erica, and Pepper practice in the "old" Coronado gym.


Chrissa and her mentor, Tandi.



Jeanie Pennell, the Barnyard Academy owner, taught hundreds of girls how to twirl, gain self-esteem, and work hard to reach their goals. She & Chrissa were a force. What a great influence she was in our daughter's life!





A Good Cap


You never know when you will need a good cap! You never know why someone purchases a good cap, either! I recently purchased a cap, and, as usual, my reasons are unique. First and foremost, I love these kids! 2nd, I need a place to put my shield to keep it from getting crunched.





3rdly, do you have any clue what is under the hat? It needs a cap to keep it out of the sun :) 




Created Creative


There are so many created creative people who bless my life. Every day I see the handiwork that others create. I wonder if they realize how truly blessed they are? I appreciate created creative people. There is an abundance of ways to create, and I get great pleasure from watching others hon their creativity. I love hearing them share their gift with others, the excitement in their voices, the twinkle in their eyes. Christmas is like that...glitter, sparkle, shine, glimmer, shimmer, glint, gleam, glisten, flicker, flash, wink, blink, bright, shining, brilliant, Holy-Joy!



Feeling Grateful


I'm feeling grateful. We have toilet paper and paper towels. We could not find eggs, but we are blessed to know egg friends.




After many years, our company bought me a real office chair. It is a beautiful green, and  I bought myself the Cloud Foot Massager, and it is perfect under my desk. 


I'm thankful for eyes to see. This apple may have been discarded, but beauty is still found, at least to my eyes!



There is so much to be thankful for this year. I love having abiding peace that allows me abounding joy.