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Off the Fence


I'm not off the fence on very many discussions because I believe we all have a right to our opinion. I have put on the Armor of God to protect myself from a world that I don't always understand, but one that I trust God knows the bigger plan, and it is good. I don't live in fear, but I can over-analyze every situation with the best of them. This over analyzing has been something that God has allowed me to let go of through continued spiritual growth, always trusting.

Some wonder why I don't jump on this bandwagon or that. They say that my thoughts are too "black and white" and that I don't offer up any gray area in my reasoning. I am not of this world. In the universe, there is Good and evil. In my faith, I know that God wins. God does not need me to fight the battles; he needs me to love, encourage, connect, and give to those he places in my day.

Between Good and evil, there is light, and there is darkness. In the light, I find beauty in the colors of creation. You cannot see in the dark, but for the Light in the distance, always available to every person.




We are all called differently. You be you. I'll be me. Let's decide to live in harmony. [up]