Fun Times



To embrace is to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly. Do you ever wake up wondering how you will handle your mental ability to face the day? There are so many that God has revealed to me who face a day filled with unknowns through depression. They want to seize the day, embrace their plans, but then their mind begins to create a different path. I am not an expert on depression and really know very little about it. I want to understand more. Someone asked me what tip I would share to help someone who deals with depression. If they asked you, what tip would you share?  Is there a common help that is universal? Is every person's depression unique to them? Are their similar triggers? Tell me what you know about depression that will help someone new to understanding it. Let's continue to bring awareness to depression. Our friends are experiencing this and we may not be aware of it. How do we identify depression? How do we love someone who is living with depression? Embrace as Christ leads.


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