Very Vintage

Be an Encourager


Be an encourager. We don't realize how much more important an encouraging word is over an opinion or negativity. When I wonder why I do what I do, the journey I'm on, and every time, every single time, God sends an encourager. In today's mail came the sweetest note. What an encouragement it is to be reminded to keep on keepin' on or hang in there, baby! Remember those 70s posters? 

When I wonder why, God reminds me that I am in His will, doing HIS work. It looks different than other's work, but the continued blessings affirm my journey.

One of the greatest men in Plainview is Dell Brown. He has encouraged me in so many ways throughout my life. Be a Dell Brown. Be an encourager!!!




I don't know if he is accurate in his message because I believe Plainview has a core group of workers making a mark on Plainview's future. This group is focused, driven, and the wheel is turning. Looking for great things to come.

Thank you, Dell, for your kind note. I love that I have your handwritten note in my wisdom warriors collection.

God is good, so very good!!!