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When I was a little girl, it was so different than today. From the first grade on, I stayed home by myself after school and in the summers because both of my parents worked. We left our front screen door open all night and never locked the car. We played in the park for hours upon hours, and our parents never had to worry about us. We walked blocks away from home to the drive-in, pool, down into the Running Water Draw, or to a store in the shopping center or across 5th street, and took our time getting home. We would go home to eat dinner or eat at one another's house and head back outside. At dark, we would be playing The Old Gray Ghost hide and seek game as our parents stepped onto the porch to call us in for the night. We went to bed not fearing the night, sweet rest.

We lived in a world where we weren't afraid. Then, as an adult, I hear a story where another child just across town was living a nightmare like many kids we read about today. 

Life is not fair. I had a wonderful childhood. To know that others did not and do not hurts my heart.

Pray for the hurting adults as they try to cope with their broken childhood and for the children today who continue to be misused and abused.