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Brain Differences

Nothing Has Changed


A little over six years ago, a psychotherapist, a specialist with autism spectrum (Asperger's Syndrome), Eva Mendes, MA, LMHC, NCC, of Watertown, Massachusettes, visited with me in person following several virtual sessions. After 58 years of mental wilderness, God brought me to the understanding of my design.

Ms. Mendes told me that nothing has changed, yet everything changed. There was a shift in understanding. The whys had meaning. No, nothing had changed because I am still the same person. I am me who is "wired" differently. For 58 years, I picked up adaptation skills. I know what others expect. On most days, I can deliver. It is exhausting work. 

There are so many undiagnosed adults who are on the autism spectrum. I have been blessed to help many find their way to understanding themselves as I have walked this journey. Through this gift of exceptionality, I have gained compassion, insight, and beautiful opportunities for ministry. 

I rely on my faith in Jesus Christ to maintain life balance. I love the steadfastness and truth found in my relationship with Him. 

"Nothing has changed, yet everything changed." Eva Mendes