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I'm Okay


I'm okay now. I know better than to drink iced tea (or hot tea), but I enjoy iced tea. The problem is there is something in tea that doesn't let iron adhere to my cells, and my Ferritin drops low. I fell off the wagon and have been drinking tea. I know better. I still chose to do it. I pay the price, and it is frustrating. The strange thing is that my bloodwork does not register that I'm anemic, but when my Ferritin level is checked, it is deficient. There is no tired, like no iron tired.

Since I now recognize the issue and how I get to that place of brain tired, I correct it. It takes a while, slow climb, but it gets back to normal. 

Does anyone else have this health issue?

Our bodies are such unique creations. Every one of us is designed with love by the Creator! We must remember that our lives here are lived in tents, transient, and temporary, as we travel the journey to our Eternal home!




A sweet friend always said, "Take care of you. You're the only you we have!"Jo Lively