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Hurried Mess


One of the things I understand very well about myself is that no matter what project I start, it ends up a mess. The only thing I'm really good at is organizing. I find this a bit odd, this mess of an organized mind.

If I sew, I make a mess. If I cook, everything becomes overly complicated, and it rarely turns out as it should. If I paint, I paint her hands on backward. I tend to hurry through things to the downfall of my desired perfection.

I thought about this today, and I concluded that this is why I'm happiest when someone does my creative tasks for me. I have a great idea of the outcome I desire for what I do. If I don't get it right and done promptly, I simply withdraw from the task. I have a hard time sticking to a task that I determine is unimportant for me at any given time. This frustrates me sometimes. It just isn't worth the inner turmoil it causes. 

When I am in organizing mode, I see the end result and work backward through the plan. I also watch movies from the back of the screen to the front. I can't tell you why it is the way God wired me. I can plan, or organize and this is where I'm the happiest.

My pictures are organized by year, month, and day. I love this. But I don't love that I hurry right through saving them to the file but don't follow through with identifying the picture with what or who is in it. As I get older, it is harder to remember what year I took a particular set of images. Oh well, I may change hobbies before it's all said and done!

I make mistakes because I hurry. I try to slow down, but my mind is already completing projects for next week. I work extremely hard to get things done right. I still make mistakes.



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