Hugh Robert Etter


HRE, or Bo as we called him, taught me so many life skills. He was a recovering alcoholic that helped start Plainview's AA program. He and my grandmother, Lucy May Etter, or Cranny, as we called her, have a bronze plate for their work at the Centennial Circle of Honor located at the Running water draw Regional Park.

He lost most of his fingers and both legs below the knee because of his addiction. He never let it stop him. It was my honor to help him with so many tasks to save his legs from additional pain. 

Here he is pictured with his artificial limbs. I remember his first set was strapped on. Later on, they simply fit over his knee pads with a suction type fit. I always thought it was cool that they had Rattlesnake fang imprints in them when he served as Hale County trapper. Take that, you old snake!

He was a great man who suffered much pain from his amputations. He kept the "Monkey Blood" pain medicine in business. His fingers were always coated with the orange stuff.

He was really a cool guy. I have such wonderful memories of our days together.

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