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Things Appear Bigger

Brain Differences


There is a difference between a self-absorbed person and a person that lives in survival mode because of a brain wiring difference.

Those living with brain illness and I speak of Asperger’s Syndrome/High Functioning Autism here, often present the attitude that their needs are more important than those around them. In conversation or action, they must control the environment to keep a desirable structure to hold themselves together. You see, they are simply trying to get through one more day. One in five people lives with a mind illness at some level on the spectrum. We would be wise to begin to look at the injustice shown towards these individuals.

Many adults have gone undiagnosed, and like the diagnosed, their strange and often annoying words and actions must not be the focus of their identity. As humans, we were each created flawlessly by our Father for a purpose. Even those with depression, autism, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, every brain illness label, and then some; all are worthy of love and dignity. Neurodiversity is the belief that brain differences are simply that, differences, or variations of the human brain. I can assure you that those living with mental illnesses are not out to aggravate others. It happens, and people turn away because they don’t know how to deal with their emotions towards someone they can’t understand or change to fit their idea of “typical behavior.” There is no typical behavior because God created each of us with exceptionality to serve and Glorify him with the abilities he provides. We are all on the same brain spectrum with differences.

Don't ever determine that anyone is too hard to love. Let God move the pieces as he creates the pattern of lives on the journey we call life. Looking beyond self to love others who live with an illness of the brain should be like Jesus loving you.




It is time to look beyond our comfortable into the eyes and hearts of the unseen, unheard, ignored, and often viewed as self-absorbed humans. Jesus loves them this, I know.