This Far

We've made it this far, and we are surviving. We get to hang out at home more. I personally have read tons of books. We have learned new things. I have even earned my Social Security card during this time. We have fallen and gotten back up. Many have had COVID, but not me, according to the fast test. 

Masks are not my friend. I prefer to stay away, keep my distance, but I do try to make others happy...a people pleaser at heart. Most people have a collection of masks like they are a fashion accessory.

I'm as excited as any parent that school is starting up! I'm ready. We need our normal. Change is good, and we learn a lot through change, but most of us like to be in charge of our change. 

We are in a battle, the battle between good and evil. This war rages on and has touched us all. Six months plus of chaos, helps us appreciate the days gone by...the ones before 2020, where hugs were given, smiles seen, kids laughed, and we could enjoy a cup of coffee inside.

Yes, we have made it this far ad we will overcome. We will tell our children, grands, and greats, not about the Great Depression, but about the Pandemic of 2020. Everyone will have a story to tell. I wonder how "big" the story will get with each passing year!!!




We've made it this far!