One Thing



In the late 60s, early 70s, my mother took us, my brother, cousins, friends, it varied, to Ruidoso. She did this several summers in a row. One of the funniest stories is when she drove her parent's homemade camper on the pickup. This trip, my cousins, my brother, and I rode in the back in the camper shell. There are some great stories about that journey, but the one I want to share happened in Ruidoso. We had pulled into a souvenir shop, this camper shell on pickup my grandfather built. We go out to get back in, her in the front, and us four in the back. She slowly takes off. We watch as the camper catches on the lights surrounding the property. We bang on the window, and she is telling us to stop it. Well, we didn't, but the police did. All the strands of lights were pulled off of the pole and pop-pop-pop they broke as they hit the ground. That was an expensive trip for my parents, but oh so funny to think back on!!!

Somewhere in that time period, about 1970, she bought me a hair clip. I don't think I ever wore it, but I have kept it all of these years, 50 to be exact! My hair is at a length now where I can pull it back in it. I had it this morning, and somehow I pulled it out changing clothes. Part of it, I found. The other half, I could not find anywhere. I knew it had to be in this one area...the utility room. I searched high and low. I found it under the vinyl record collection next to the wall behind the power strip. I found it, though. It is sentimental!!!


Ruidoso hair clip from Mother