I Wanna Be

Seven years


One place I volunteer is in downtown Plainview as the president of the Plainview Downtown Association. Most days, I am downtown at least once, if not more. The PDA does not have an office, so the Broadway Brew is my hangout location for many meetings, coffees, and lunches. It seems I may have grown into a senior citizen fixture there.

It is always my blessing to create a relationship with the Brew baristas that owner, Bradley Sell, hires. Each one is woven into my life journey. Jude Davis has been such a joy to know. He has been at the Broadway Brew for right at seven years. He is a mess. He loves to tease and has a heart bigger than most can only dream of. 

Not having Jude at the Broadway Brew will take some adjustment, but I'm excited about his new journey. He is getting married. To see this all unfold has been such fun. God blesses, and we can't help but smile!

This picture totally defines our relationship...

This kid!!! I will miss his humor.




Godspeed friend! You will be missed by so many. Keep your apron because you will need it as you serve God with Bridget in Holy Matrimony!!!