Jesus says in scripture to pick up your mat and walk. I have been thinking about the mat. People who were unable to walk or who were too ill to stand found themselves on a mat, bed, sofa, cloth, rug, something where they could rest. When Jesus performed miracles, he said, "pick up your mat," and I find that interesting. The person was healed, and I'm sure excited. Their faith was immense, and God recognized their heart. Pick up your mat; what does this mean? It seems like this might be the least of everyone's concern, but Jesus spoke it. I find these words a call to action. Jesus knew the people were healed, and to instruct them to pick up their mat and walk was an action for their realization of complete healing.

Those healed no longer needed their mat, their "crutch," but to pick it up is a reminder of the healing power of God and the blessing received. 


I've just been thinking about the words, pick up your mat. Our hope is found in Jesus. Whatever our struggle, he will deliver us. He will give us enough for that day. I'm thankful for many things today.


Grass mat