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Nickel Mug


I found a fantastic Whataburger Nickel mug at a garage sale. It is stamped 16. Since I've never eaten at a Whataburger, I can't speak to the yumminess of their food, but I enjoy a cup of coffee each morning. Costs me about a nickel!




Gallery Art


I enjoy collecting art. I especially enjoy finding pieces by Plainview and Hale County artists, although we have pieces from around the world. Our art gallery has no pricey pieces or big-name artists; simply pieces that touch my heart in some way.

I am excited to add this cafe scene by C/Canon, to our little collection. I have wanted one of his pieces for some time. I'm thrilled!




Pretty in Pink


The movie Pretty in Pink is one of my favorites. It has a happy ending. I believe in happy endings. I know God has a plan, and it is good. There may be difficult days, sadness, loss, hurt, suffering, pain, sorrow, etc. from worldly choices, but God is the creator of happy endings. The best story ever told is found in God's Word, and through our testimony, the redemption of humanity through Jesus Christ.

God takes us, His created ones, beautiful and worthy, then uses his artistry to create life vignettes, all His masterpieces, for His glory...if we let Him.


One picture on one journey seen through the eyes of the Master artist.








“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”  Philippians 1:6 


John & Phyllis 1964


I was nine years old. My brother was 16. This was Easter, and I remember the fabric weave of this dress like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful garment. It was a lined jumper. It felt wonderful, and I enjoyed wearing it. Excluding the gloves, this is still a favorite dress of mine. My mother made most of my dresses, and they were all extraordinary. This one was store-bought. I vividly remember the feeling of getting this new dress for Easter Sunday.



Lorena, Phyllis, Debby & John ...


Debby & Phyllis Easter 1964

Debby and I have been friends for over sixty years!!!




It has been my joy, my blessing, to know some fantastic people on my life journey whose witness has touched my soul. Alfred Henderson has been one of those people. C/19 will be written as his end of life determination, but God knows the very moment that our breath ends here, and our soul becomes eternal; C/19 did not win the battle, God called Alfred home.

I have known Alfred since the late 60s, early 70s. He genuinely cared about every person that he met. He was a joyful man. His dear Rubye was one of my wisdom women. Together as a couple, they were friends to me and many.


The Hendersons worshipped at First Baptist Plainview; their presence was constant; their faith was firm and abundantly evident. 


Fast forward to Christmas 2019. On December 22, Alfred came through the preschool area on his way to his discipleship class. Because it was the Sunday before Christmas, he and I had dressed festively. I had the nudge, a fleeting thought to get a picture, so I asked someone to snap our "festive." I'm so glad that I acted on that nudge.

I could be his mother; he looks so young!!! He was sure young at heart. I will miss him bebopping through the church with his joyful attitude. He never was concerned about sadness or life trials because he had J-E-S-U-S in his heart. 




I want to thank Alfred's nurse at Covenant Health Plainview for taking the time to dress for protection to hold the phone to his ear last night so that I could say goodbye. I know he could still hear me.


"He has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you."
—1 Peter 1:3-4


Well done, good and faithful servant; your inheritance revealed. I love you, friend!






I had an outing today. I drove to Lubbock. I exited at Farm to Market Road 1294 heading west to University Avenue, the way we used to drive to Lubbock before the Interstate was built. Yes, before I27 was constructed in 1969. 

It was fun to remember the appliance store at this corner...



And, a surprise sighting. These kids, you just can't control them these days!


And, I remember the white house that you looked for as you turned onto University. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it is now. I was expecting it to be run down, but whoever owns it, kudos, it is stunning!!!


A nice outing.


My Life in a Jacket


I'm not a storyteller, I'm a God sharer. [up]


This jacket tells stories about times in my life, a life filled with deep pain, regrets, joy, hope, and beautiful grace.  

All of my trips for this summer have been canceled because of c/19. I'm not a big traveler but I look forward to these times each year. I was going to Wimberley last week, but I had been ill and felt it best that I hang around the casa for a while longer. It all worked out great for those who were able to go.

A life-long sweet friend, Pam, brought me a tiny gift. I don't know if she had any idea just how special her gift would be. I was excited to add her gift to this jacket.






My life in a jacket!