en Pointe
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So, I will be 65 soon. I enjoy everything about the happiness found in my days. It is my choice to live, love, and serve with the Holy Spirit's guidance. I have always been a bit crazy, and I work hard to keep the scale balanced every day. I'm not one who follows the norm. My mind is always on the go. It is creating, organizing, and building a solid structure, always with an outside-of-the-box processor. I'm not one who enjoys filling out forms on paper or online. They are very confusing to me and cause me high anxiety. Lines in wrong places or not adequate space for data is a huge pet peeve of mine. I need to give a tutorial with tips for form creating. LOL You know this Medicare and Social Security stuff has forms. You gotta do it. You gotta do it right. You gotta answer the questions. You gotta be a step ahead all the time. I don't have time for this. Insert thankfulness for a spouse who God leads to care for me!

Then, just as we started this process, my mind that never was became even less of a mind. I've been doing some crazy things. Maybe it isn't getting older but COVID-19 brain boredom??? Perhaps it's the upper management? Do you think they slipped a chip in my dip and are watching my every move? Maybe they are playing with my mind. Somebody doesn't have a full deck, just saying! I'm pretty sure playing cards will be on my Facebook by morning.

I'm not gonna give in. I'm going to fight. Old age has a place in this world!!! I'm thankful that I'm on no meds. I'm grateful that I rarely see a doctor for an illness. Going to see doctors...you have forms, you have to wait; go here, go there, one hour, four.

I am going to start exercising soon. I've been saying this for about forty years. I need to prioritize that into my day. My happy meter may not register favorably! The cellulite cells will scream and say I'm killing them. There are times when the death of something is okay. I'm trying to wrap my mind around that thought. I don't like confrontation. I like kindness. I like respect. I will give myself that, too, so I can share it.

I have a file on my computer that is titled, After Phyllis. Can you guess what is in that file? There are important words for my family. There are some words about a funeral. You know, things that will help my family plan. Death is a beautiful thing for a Believer. We are born to die. It is a subject that I am very comfortable talking about. That last breath between here and eternity is so special. It isn't about me being ready. I was prepared at age six when I asked Jesus into my heart. My life is God's, and my time is set to His time. I always say I'm going to live until I die and then I'm really going to live. While I'm here, I want to serve as God leads. We are a team. He created me, so he understands my crazy. He created 65, so I know he's got this. Whatever challenges I might face as I run my race, and I know I will, he is before me, with me and loves me.

He has provided sixty-four stickers for my boat to float. I'm thankful and blessed. Here's looking to sixty-five! 



God, this is your season to use crazy-old for your glory. I'm ready!