Today I smelled damp hay. It reminded me of growing up on Irene Street and the semi-truck loaded down with hay bales that drove by our house that smelled of fresh-cut hay.




I was in the salon in Walmart, getting my hair washed and blown dry because sometimes I just don't feel like doing it myself. The shampoo reminded me of the smell of the floral shops that I frequented as a child roaming in downtown Plainview while visiting the 'Commodity House' where my grandparents worked. Plainview Floral was one of my favorite stops and, of course, Arch Keys Floral if I made it that far.

Arch Keys Flowerse


I am very sensitive to smells. I can't stand to smell bacon, popcorn, or hamburger meat cooking. Perfumes and colognes give me a headache. I often smell things before others do. Smells are important. I'm thankful for the ability to smell. There are so many blessings...abundantly blessed!