Those Trips



It is absolutely a good thing that I can laugh at myself because I am funny. I do some bizarre stuff sometimes, okay often. It has nothing to do with my age, well, maybe some of it does. I'm pretty much on top of my organizational skills and can keep up with my calendered events. I've never retained information, so I won't recognize a difference there as I age. It's not that I don't know things, I do. The things I know are in my head, but they are enjoying a day at the beach. The sun is bright, the waves warm, but it never seems to be time for the tide of knowledge to come in. Often, if someone gives me hints, it will force the information forward. I know that I soak in a lot of data every day. Maybe it is not as important as other's information, and that's okay...I'm a pretty simple girl and happy. 

Just know in my bizarreness I do attempt to obey the law. I mean, I use my blinker because it came with the car and I'm pretty sure it is there for a reason. I drive the speed limit in the left-hand lane and try to avoid the right-hand lane because some cars must not come with blinkers. I work hard at not speeding, although I learned to drive from my heavy-footed dad. On most streets, I get behind that person who is driving 10mph under the speed limit, so that tends to slow me way down and teach me patience because I'm typically on a mission to do what it is I need to do. Oh, I'm terrified of the airbag going off. Please, please, don't hit me and make my car explode in my face. I know I would wet my pants, and that would ruin the seat of my car and, well, be pretty embarrassing. When I drive my car, it won't let me hit anything. It has a mind of its own. It even stops for ghosts crossing the railroad tracks. I have a smart car. 

I tried to wear Spanx once. Good thing I had scissors to cut myself loose. For me, Spanx is just another name for a straight jacket. I wonder if I put on enough body-hugging fabric if it would push all of the extra muffins to my mouth? What? It was the muffins that created the muffin, to begin with?  Silly me!

One time I ran into a tree. It knocked me out. The sprinklers came on.

Do you remember overhead projectors? Well, I was creating something and had the paper hanging on the garage door. I picked up the overhead and began to move backward to get the light to be the right size on the paper. I forgot about the step up and began to fall back and all I could think about was not breaking the borrowed projector. I held onto it, and it landed on my face. It wasn't broken.

I most always will remember the story differently than you.

One time I ran over a car stop. That would not be so bad, but a piece of rebar was sticking up out of it and cut through the entire base of our car. I was on the way to help with a wedding. The car was loaded, and the rental car was not big enough. Oh, no!

I am probably the only living person who was spanked by a Plainview police officer as a child. Of course, for no reason! Just because we walked across town after dark as kids...Plainview was safe; we didn't even lock our doors. See, no reason!

There are so many things in my life that I have done that make me laugh at myself...

I hope you can laugh at yourself, too. Laughing is so good for us.

I started early...laughing at myself. I also found my worthiness in Christ about the same time.