Sweet Sweet Spirit



We made a fast trip to see our two out-of-area grand sisters. They had a dance competition. They did really well.

One of the biggest competitions is improv. The improv competition offers dancers a chance to test their dance artistry and decision-making skills in a high-pressure environment. Dancers can choose to compete or not. Improv is viewed as spontaneity, but it includes a basic skill set that is learned and then interpreted.  Several styles of dance music are played as dancers interpret feeling through their creative dance. Dancers are eliminated each round until there are three remaining dancers on stage. A winner is then selected. Each dance set, the judges may give specific difficulty level instruction that tests the dancers even further.  It is an intense set of dance knowledge, creativity, and grit that finally reveals a winner.

This girl won.



Here she is telling the judges her name.



Her winnings!!! Too fun!




We got to watch her ride, as well. So fun!!!



This one did great, too. Their duet was so fun to watch!



Both girls had many dances, and they both did really well in them all. I'm so excited we were there for this day. God blesses us at every turn!!!