Happy 90th


Until I became older, and God revealed his design in me, I did not understand the sacrifices you made for me as you encouraged me and helped me to grow. Then, you were gone.

You worked full-time and hard at home, creating an atmosphere that I would thrive in. In your structure, I found peace. I know your best was given as you raised me, not knowing or understanding. You must have grown so weary with all you sacrificed for your family day in and day out. Thank you.

I miss asking you questions, but not calling you and having you tell me that you were talking to this friend or that and hanging up! LOL Actually, I admired your ability to "friend."

On your 90th Birthday, I want to thank you for me, your daughter, who is who she is because you wrote that tithe check every week, made my dresses, bought my Bible, made sure that I understood real beauty, and that I grew up in a church of strong faith believers. 

God is faithful. His plan is perfect. I am blessed. Happy 90th Birthday, Mother!