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I was not called to the choir. I did not grow up with music training. I am not a gifted musician, nor is it my hobby. I enjoy singing praise to God often. I am really good at lip-syncing when needed. Ed Wittner let me enjoy the youth choir at FB.PLV, and it was an immensely important time in my faith walk.

I came across this sweet choir picture from First Baptist Plainview. I recognize several of the children.

PHS-1973-PLV-TX-FBC-Choir-McWilliams Collectione


Back in the day, all choirs wore robes. I wonder what our kids would think about this today? I know the adults are thankful they don't wear them each Sunday. They looked beautiful, but I know they were hot and uncomfortable. You had to be fitted, keep them clean, take them back to their storage closets, a big deal.

What's important is the song! What are you singing?