Bubble Wrap


There are things in life that happen along our journey that rise up and threaten to defeat us. For many, there are numerous bumps along the way. For others, not so much. Then, for some, the mountains are all around for as far as they can see. As Believers, we pray.

When I think of the mountains we face, I know there are valleys with streams and peace-filled times, too. It reminds me of the big bubble wrap that has puffy "mountains" all over it. When water is poured onto it, the water flows but does not reach the tops of the "mountains." Then, along comes God answering our prayers and "pop" the mountain lowers and the water flows into it, over it, and through it. Over and over again, we pray, God answers and "pop" the way is made clear. 

Pray, look for "pops" and allow the Living Water to soothe your weary soul.


I want you to trust in times of trouble so I can rescue you and you will give glory to me. Psalm 50:15