I did not grow up loving to read. There are reasons. The important thing is that I do enjoy reading now. I got a memo that I have read for seventy-seven days in a row. I guess this confirms my joy!

I read on my Kindle because I can control the font size and background hue. I do read bound books, too. Some of my favorites are antique Bible devotional books. I have a couple of shelves of these. I have a few shelves of books about redheads. I have my grandfather's and uncle's books. On one shelf are a few Leaves of Gold type books filled with sweet sayings in them. Of course, there is my Bible, and a few study and devotional books close by. I have a set of Petite Pattern books from Japan, a few great cookbooks, and this little grouping...




We have a personal collection of women's hats that consists of approximately 300+ hats from family, friends, and Plainview women. Plus, a few of my father's and uncle's hats...thus the hat books.

Creative gift wrapping is one of my loves. It isn't used as much today as it once was. I use to do fun gift wrapping talks.

I enjoy etiquette and organization with a twist of drawing or creative art, too.

I'm not a book hoarder, but I do enjoy a good book. I'm more of a take-me-away fiction girl, but a good autobiography or faith book is nice, too.

Tell us your favorite book (outside of the Bible).

I read a book a bit ago that I just loved...

The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump: by Jackie Macgirvin 

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