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In Jonah 4:6, God appoints a plant to shade Jonah. Long term, even in our disobedience, God, covers us.

Then, he appoints a worm, the sun, and a hot wind to teach Jonah a truth. Verse ten... "You have been concerned about this plant, though you did not tend it or make it grow."

Realize the full picture of God. To get the full beauty, we have to view and experience a walk with him. This is not sitting and watching; it is becoming the hands and feet of the Salvation experience.

What are we doing to create the love change we desire in order to enjoy the peace we say we want?

There is the form of living the world gives, and then there is God form. Instead of our enemies knowing what we are against in relation to them, they need to know what we are for.

Truth and love must not conflict, they must be in concert. The truth without love is unamazing. The truth with love is compassion. 

I'm sure that I've told you the story about the 2 x 4 that came through the stained glass window of our church and hit me in the head? If not, I will sometime, but what God told me at that moment is to stay steadfast in my relationship with him because this is something I control. Everything else I should bring to him in prayer, and he would answer. Truth! Me and God, not them and God. Engage in prayer, be willing to love long term even when we don't agree. Create a concert, not a conflict.

What lesson is God teaching us? I know that whatever the lesson, love will be at the core. We can't sit back and do nothing and expect the change to happen. God will provide what we need to grow, but he will provide a way to teach us when we don't listen, too.

Love grows love ~ love deeply and with purpose.


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