Special "Mat"

Joy Echo


I want to mention how blessed we are to have Natalie, Ryan, Ellie, Emily, and Jacob West in our community. They are a precious family. Jacob West has stepped right into FB.PLV and led with excellence. From the pulpit, God uses him as a vessel to water the flock.  I'm still learning. We have enjoyed every preacher that God has placed in our pulpit through the years. God continues to provide for his congregation through Pastor Jacob.

I will admit that God typically takes me beyond what comes from the pulpit, and I often find myself searching the internet for the "extras" he gives me. So, when you see me with my phone out in church, I'm not checking Facebook or shopping...I'm reading scripture or searching for information to grasp where God is leading me in the thought.

The Joy Echo...

Do you ever look at the stars in wonder and try to imagine how many there might be in all of the sky? Next time you look into the night sky, imagine that each star represents a special moment that God created just for you in your life. God made today just for you. You woke up. That's a "star." Maybe today you found out you will bring a sweet life gift into the world...a "star." Maybe you hear from that someone you yearn to know love from, a "star." Today, the pain was less, a "star." God lights up our life with twinkles of lights and shooting stars! Don't miss them. Be ever thankful!

Because of the great joy we have through our relationship with Jesus Christ, we should create the joy echo from our hearts. 

Remember the can phones where you listened but often got things scrambled or the game, Telephone or Chinese Whispers? In the end, what was said in the beginning is never the same. In Jesus, the Truth is the truth, and it does set us free to choose to live life with the joy echo. When we sing praises of joy, the end result will always be JOY!

God made this day just for you. What is your echo? Be the joy echo!


Joy echo