Who Is It
3 vs. 14



This morning, as I was driving to worship this thought, came to me.

You know Christmas decorating is often gaudy, right. We have an overabundance of decor from yesterday and today that we try to fit in every corner and on every surface.  I'm not going to judge your gaudy, we all experience it at some point in decorating our homes. I want to suggest that we remember...

Gody. Gody will be my choice to decorate my heart and home this Season. Gody is the abundant grace provided to us through the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ. 

What does the pattern of happiness look like in our lives? Pass through to anewday (I'm on a create new words roll), where living is abundantly different. Let's set our lives aside to be Gody, not better than anyone, but worth that can't be taken from us or lost, like the world so desperately tries to do.

The good news is that every person we come in contact with every new day is there for holy interaction. How will we serve at that moment? For Believers, our death changed through the birth of Jesus Christ (and the Resurrection). Be the hands and feet of Jesus.

So, let's be Gody this Season, it is the perfect way to decorate our homes, our workplace, our ministry. Dare to be different!