Proud Moments

Trash Talk


We have all had others say things about us either behind or back or to our faces. Trash talk hurts. It hurts the person who says it, in their God journey. It hurts the person who the words were spoken to or about. It hurts the ears of all who hear because it creates a negative cloud that releases harm instead of positive sunshine that encourages.

Many times people say hurtful things, a cut, all in the name of the "I was teasing" line. No, seriously, they are not teasing. There is a belief of half-truth extending from their hearts as they say the words. It's supposed to be okay if everyone laughs...yet, someone's heart breaks a little more each time. It is never okay to be passive-aggressive with another person's heart.

What do we do about these situations? Our first response is found in human nature. We want to bite back, cry, fight with words, and defend ourselves. It is important, though, that in the very next breath, we deliver Holy. 

A friend read this quote in a Bible Study and shared it with me. Trust Him to use your Godly behavior to change or to shame those who persecute and slander you.

We want to react because taking it in and putting a cap on it with all that 'stirred up fizz' makes us want to explode. But when we sit down with the Word of God, lay it at the Master's feet, he takes the turmoil-fizz away, and the taste is sweet instead of bitter. We can enjoy the day instead of losing it all as we explode on everyone. It is essential to listen and learn, evaluate, and determine, while at the Master's feet!!!

I'm working on this, not letting the hurtful things implied by others get past the Armor of God and into my Spirit. When we put ourselves out into the world there are going to be more opportunities for heartache. Think about all Jesus endured. We can do this!

There are a whole bunch of hurting people, the world is mean, and Satan is attacking the strong of faith. The good news is, God, wins. 

Until then, we must live out our faith in a way that God directs as worthy and that will allow others to see Jesus in us.

Thanksgiving is knowing the difference between what was and what is and understanding where it came from and praising our Savior all the day long.