National Anthem

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We can't shame grace. Shame, I believe is one of the greatest enemies of God’s grace, and is one of Satan's many strongholds on today's Believers. God's grace is independent of evil; God's grace is perfect, and we should hold tight to this promise.

We need to forgive ourselves for our sins. We are hoarders of our past mistakes. Satan sure wants us to create a suffocating quilt from the remnants of every bad choice we make so we can cry a river of tears over and over again. Lay it all at the cross. Seriously, we must lay it there, lay it there, lay all our cares at the cross — shame on us for letting guilt get in the way of the goodness of God.

But maybe we are in a dark place...

It's not the space between God and us; it's the direction we are facing. If our back is turned, we can't see, hear or realize the presence of Jesus. Our shame is hidden in the shadow of our brokenness. When we face God, his light shines the way. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. We may feel far away, but there is light in the dark, and the closer we get, we see more clearly as we grasp onto his amazing love and forgiveness.



Light reflection