The Lord Blesses

Simple Reminder


Many years ago now, my father bought my mother a fur coat. I understand those that don't appreciate the process of killing for food or pelt. This is not what this is about. It is about a coat that was passed down to me that I wear on cold days, especially when I need that simple reminder of connectivity to my parents. I wore my mother's coat during our cold spell recently. I won't ever forget it is her coat because she reminds me every time I put my hand in the pocket. She and my father worked hard for everything nice they had. In the pocket is another item (yes, I've written about these items before) that is a simple reminder to me. It is a Sear's & Roebuck plastic rain cap. My dad worked at Sear's, and my mom was proud of that. 

She typically carried a rain cap. She went to the beauty shop every week for as long as I can remember, Texas hair, shade bonnet of the prairie!




A simple reminder in a pocket, what is yours?