Flying Trip



I have been thinking about a few things over the last few days that have to do with joy. I've come to some conclusions. As a follower of Christ, there is a profound joy that we cannot ever lose; we don't lose our joy.

Our joy can only be stolen; it never goes away. When we give Satan permission to enter into our lives by not having on the Full Armor of God, we allow our hearts to become under attack and the battle rages.

When we find ourselves not having the peace and understanding of spiritual joy, it is time to escape to the place where we worship God best and discover once again the beauty found in the relationship with the One who pours joy over our lives like a pure stream, refreshing.

So, I stole someone's joy. It was not intentional. I apologized, and everything is okay. It wasn't a big deal to them, but it was huge for me. The truth be told...we can't steal someone's joy at all. We can disappoint others and then there are times when we are disappointed by things that are done to us. We know that there are a million pieces of connectivity to the world every day that have the ability to upset our applecart. Yet, when we have Christ as our cornerstone, he determines our joy, we determine the level. We give permission to the world to enter, or we close the door knowing that what we have inside us is beyond beautiful and find ourselves full of joy in each circumstance. As Believers, we are truly blessed.




If we feel a lack of joy then we dig deep. Looking through the looking glass at disobedience & unforgiveness. These are Satan's big guns!

Hang in there!!!